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Babe of the Month, September 2014 – Tyler Mims

Babe of the Month, September 2014 – Tyler Mims

Are you BOTM material?

We’ve never met a girl named Tyler. This month’s BOTM Tyler Mims says she hears that a lot since it’s more of a dude’s name. However, as you can see, this Tyler is definitely not a dude.

Unfortunately, the Mustangs she’s posing with aren’t hers, which would add to her hotness factor. Nonetheless, it matters little if these Mustangs are hers or no—you may not have even noticed there are Mustangs in these photos.

For those who did, the ’13 GT is owned by her boyfriend, Dillon Kingsburgh; the other Mustang is a Roush-appointed ’14 GT owned by Dillon’s GT boasts a cold air intake, a custom tune, and lowering springs, while Latemodel Restoration basically built a Roush Stage 3 tribute from a box-stock ’14 GT. Check it out on the company’s website.

“Modeling and Mustangs are two of my favorite things,” Tyler says. And she notes that while she doesn’t have her own Mustang yet, she’s wanted one since she was a little girl. Thankfully for her, those close to her, like her boyfriend, have Mustangs to help get her fix. She enjoys going to Mustang shows with Dillon, working out at the gym, participating in running events, and riding dirt bikes. Nice catch, Dillon.

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Babe of the Month, September 2014 – Tyler Mims

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