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Babe of the Month, June 2014 – Christy Koller

Babe of the Month, June 2014 – Christy Koller

Are you BOTM material?

This month we’re shifting gears back to the roots of BOTM, and we will be selecting the winners each month. So, if you want to get in the mix, be sure to send great photos, and detailed information about the lady and the Mustang(s) in the photos. That’s just what Brad Koller of Stillwater, Minnesota, did to seal the deal for his wife, Christy.

In presenting his case, Brad started off on a good foot. “She is a hardworking registered nurse and a mother of two, as well as a hardcore Mustang fan,” he explained. “She actually owns two of the Mustangs in the photos. The first is a ’67 coupe with a mild 351W/C-4 combo. It features an Edelbrock carb/intake, headers, a 21⁄2-inch exhaust, and a functional ’69 hoodscoop.”

No we didn’t go with the ’67 photos for obvious reasons, but Christy’s other ride is right up our alley. It’s still a stone-stock time capsule from the late ’90s, but Brad promises “an upgraded exhaust is in the near future.”

He also tried to sneak in some shots of his own ride. We know the winning combo is the girl with her car, and that’s the way it worked out again. However, we have to give his ’87 love, because it is 5.0 LX with a five-speed and a long list of bolt-ons. He didn’t give us the list, but Brad did share that he made the move to SN-95 brakes, rear axle, and spindles.

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Enough car talk though. This is the BOTM, and Brad seems to have a winner on his hands with Christy. “Not only does she drive both her Mustangs, but she also had a lot to do with their restoration,” he explains. “She’s helped rebuild the engine and suspension, and also with the recovering of the seats on the ’67.”

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Babe of the Month, June 2014 – Christy Koller

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